Alexander Suer




photography for me is not just 'a job' it is 'my job'!

perhaps you also have this deep emotional feeling inside that

tells you what you need to do with your time in life. For me it's creating photographs and images. It is part of my nature. I take photographs from special moments that I notice and see around me when I am walking the streets or when I am capturing a wedding. But I also create images which are based on fine arts concepts that I independently produce or for commissioned assignments. People, human expression and fashion always intrest me. 

my passion is photography and my personal drivers are continuous learning and the will to creatively create. My mission is to provide a feeling of uniqueness to the viewer and create something that people can enjoy, wonder about but also lets them think. True art is never clear or simple.

my style is often colorful and indirect with multiple layers containing several messages, created to be striking every time a viewer looks at my work. This is my continuous goal and also perhaps for your project. Please click here if you are in need for a photographer or image-creator.


looking forward hearing from you.